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Good Morning

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by Anniebubble, Mar 13, 2017.

  1. B&B

    B&B Fan

    Nasty whooping cough doing the rounds. The 4 hr flight can be a killer, mask up on the way back. Enjoy the heat & get well soon.

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  2. peril

    peril Connoisseur

    Good afternoon from warm and muggy Dublin. On our way to izmir at long last - totally wrecked and need the peace and quiet of Kusadasi !

    KASTAMONU Connoisseur

    Well a roasting hot 32°c here today...my turn for a large back tooth extraction ystrdy.. Another on 15 June :'( .... Probably much grumpier after than Peril was especially watching hubby tuck into a soft sandwich roll, liberally filled with döner meat & onions with turşu pickles, while İ sipped a Sprite thro a straw 2 hrs after leaving the clinic....the crown came off both teeth so a gaping crater nxt to the extraction site now making any eating that side a sore challenge! Anyway that tooth due to go too so only option is implants later...massive work ahead on my mouth but yavaş yavaş thank goodness....anyway enjoying our balcony and teas and coffees today...a nice Turkish breakfast to start our mini hol over the next week here & there & enjoying our balcony & views....hubby here for some time now studying for final ship engineer exam so happy days ...:-D
  4. kibris

    kibris Mancunian Crooner

    well last year ı decıded at my age to get rıd off all my crowns and ended up just wantıng a set of dentures--dont fancy screw ıns and ı was havıng paın wıth all my back teeth so got the lot taken out but not all at once!Ive managed pretty well wıthout any for sıx months as ı wanted to waıt and let the gums shrınk as they do so only just gettıng mıne done---the older ı get the less ı can be bothered so no fancy stuff and ıt was just sheer relıef not to have toothache!Anyway dentures wıll do for me and ıts not as ıf ım goıng to the hunt ball ıs ıt??? lolMy older sıster at 77yrs old has fantastıc teeth and only just lately needed a couple of fıllıngs whıch shes had wıthout anasthetıc---bugger that !!! Good luck wıth your new fılmstar look kas!
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    KASTAMONU Connoisseur

    Well a long road ahead...but here's hoping Kib! ... Good luck with the dentures!
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  6. peril

    peril Connoisseur

    Ah - I've been keeping quiet the last few days- has to be the mouth gone on strike! Oh I feel your various pains Kas and KiB ! Have to say that fillings without injection are painless - you have to try it to find out! I'm not brave enough to try an extraction though - but the needle hurts more than an extraction so who knows! Root canal has left a gaping hole next to the extraction on one side - you wouldn't want to se me trying to eat - if I was looking at myself I'd probably roar laughing! Talk about awkward ! The dentist has said I've a very small mouth - hence the extraction of the wisdom teeth- himself did suggest a partial or total removal of the tongue- if you see a battered body crawling through the streets of centrum - that's him after those smart remarks!
    Good luck with the treatment lads - hopefully we all end up with the mouths we need and deserve!'
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  7. peril

    peril Connoisseur

    It seems hard to believe on this beautiful sunny morning in Kusadasi, that there were such atrocities in London last night. Thoughts and prayers with all the victims.
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  8. peril

    peril Connoisseur

    A sunny day here in Kusadasi - clouding up a bit now though. Just felt my second earthquake - no where near as noisy as the first one but went on for a minute or two- and yes the earth really did move for me! Lol
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    KASTAMONU Connoisseur

    6.2 İstanbul & Aegean region....
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