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Golden Pigeon Festival

Discussion in 'Travel Talk' started by VivaKusadasi, Sep 8, 2004.

  1. The Golden Pigeon Festival for 2004 season has got a start with a great concert of Teoman.
    It will continue with Yildiz Tilbe consert tonight (8th Aug 2004).
    Many people are interested about the festival and the consert fields get filled with people from all over the world.
  2. Umit

    Umit Veteran Staff Member

    Can we take some pix? I should be in izmir in that date range.
  3. oké. I will be taking pictures tonight.
  4. Umit

    Umit Veteran Staff Member

    :clap3: THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!
  5. I have took too many pictures but they are all awfull. There was a problem with the camera so I will publish better ones from the consert of tomorrow. Here is an picture which you can't see anything.

  6. Paula

    Paula Explorer

    events in sept/oct

    Hi Im gonna be in Kusadasi from the 27 September, is there any events on that I might go see that could be interesting, not that getting drunk on bar street wont be be, but would be nice to see some thing different if i had chance.

    Paula X
  7. I was at the Kusadasi festival, it was very nice.. Turkish people sure know how have fun when they r a t a concert. It was nice to see and hear everybody sing and dance. I mostely like Yildiz Tilbe and Berdan M.... dont remember his last name, but he was very good.
    Only went to 2 of the concerts cause Yildiz Tilbe and Ebru yasar was playing and they were the pnly once i knew. But i regret not going to the others aswell now.
    very happy to have seen the Kusadasi festival :wave:
  8. Susanc

    Susanc Addict



  9. Hey Sue
    No the festival is always in september. It started the 6th or 7th and it finished with a big concert in the stadium. Dont know who were sining there or if there were other events.
    But if u gonna live over there next year u will see it :cheesy: it was very nice
  10. Susanc

    Susanc Addict


    Cok Tessekur ederim Charlotte I would love to see that especially as I have never been to a live concert in Kusadasi. I am beginning to really miss the place more and more as the weeks go by and will definetely eventually live there. Its not enough for me just to have a holiday.

    Take care

    Sue :wave:
  11. :cheesy: I know how u feel. I would love it if i could live there but i dont think it will happen any soon :cry:

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