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getting a work visa to go to kusadasi

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by tatiara, Sep 28, 2004.

  1. tatiara

    tatiara Explorer

    can anyone help me. i need to know how i get a work visa to go to kusadasi for the whole of next season. i no i need to go to the turkish consulate but wot would i need to take with me to apply for 1? one of my mums friends said i would need a contract of the person who is going to be employing me but i dont have one and am not goin bak to kus untill next year wen i was goin to be workin there. can i still get a work visa without a contract?
  2. **claire**

    **claire** Super Moderator

    Working and living in Turkey

    Foreigners in Turkey may work only at those jobs which are not prohibited to foreigners. Persons who intend to work in Turkey are required to obtain permission from the security authorities and to have this status registered in their residence permits.

    Work permits law in Turkey

    Foreigners in Turkey may work only at those jobs which are not prohibited to foreigners. Persons who intend to work in Turkey are required to obtain permission from the security authorities and to have this status registered in their residence permits. In some cases a separate work permit may also he issued. Turkish organizations or private individuals employing foreigners are required to submit a written report concerning the foreign employee and his work to the nearest police or gendarme station.

    Got this from a Turkish law website ...hope it helps :cheesy:
  3. Umit

    Umit Veteran Staff Member

    Thats perfectly helps Claire, thank You so much.
  4. **claire**

    **claire** Super Moderator

    Just found this aswell...... :roll:

    Occupations prohibited to foreigners in Turkey

    Only Turkish citizens may work as State employees in Turkey. For the sake of the general welfare, the practice of certain other professions is also prohibited to foreigners. These include law, medicine, dentistry, nursing, pharmacy, and working as a notary public. However, according to Law no.3359 of 7 May 1987, permission may he granted to foreign expert doctors to work in Turkey.

    Apart from the professions listed above, some other occupations have been prohibited to foreigners according to the provisions of the "Law Regarding Trades and Services Reserved to Turkish Citizens in Turkey" no.2007 of 11 June 1932. Foreigners for example, may not work as itinerant salesmen, musicians, photographers, barbers, typesetters, middlemen, clothing and shoe manufacturers, stock brokers, sellers of State monopoly products, interpreters and tourist guides, transport workers, or construction, iron, and wood workers.

    Foreigners are also prohibited from working at water, lighting and heating installations, either temporarily or permanently, and at loading and unloading sites. They may not work as drivers, day laborers, watchmen, janitors, waiters, or household help or as singers or entertainers in bars, nor as veterinarians or pharmacists.
  5. **claire**

    **claire** Super Moderator

    basically ..yes!! :shock:

    In a way it is good that the country does this, keeps the jobs for its natives, if we did this in the UK, maybe we would not have so much unemployment!!! also the foreign workers who do come here may earn a decent wage, instead of the poor money that they are given. (not in all jobs...but agricultural, factorys etc..)

    whewre i live we have a huge Portugese poulation, they all work on the farms, picking the fruit & vegetable, packing it etc... the money they get paid is so low. A british person doing the same job gets paid almost £1 an hour more in some cases (so i have been told) its discusting!!!! :twisted:
  6. m1156901

    m1156901 Explorer

    can't believe that about the jobs! i have just got back from hols and so would love to go back! and work! but yeah i agree, very good for the turkish! so what jobs can a girl do there....anyone know?
  7. Umit

    Umit Veteran Staff Member

    mostly; travel agency representative or hotel public relationship manager/officer
  8. catreyn

    catreyn Explorer

    huh...no offence but that sounds a bit dicey. Would hate to go over there and then get kicked out. Had been thinking about going over there to work cos long-distance relationships suck eggs. While wages are better here, my boyfriend has more work in Turkey so I was kinda leaning in the direction of moving there. Not so sure now tho....

  9. **claire**

    **claire** Super Moderator

    Your right there Catherine!!

    Its a huge risk to take! & as much as long distance relations do 'suck eggs':D The risk of being deported & not being allowed back into the country for 5 years sends out big warning signs to me!!

    5 years without Turkey ...No thanks!! :doh:
  10. catreyn

    catreyn Explorer

    Jesus, I'm having enough trouble coping without it for 1 year! _5_!!! EEEEEPPPPP!!!! Ta but no ta, thanks for asking tho!! ;)
  11. Sean Nel

    Sean Nel Fan

    Funny how that works... Canada has the same employment restrictions, but at the end of the day, instead of limiting who can do what where, a forreigner gets about double what a local would at the same job (minimum wages by law), thereby ensuring that...

    a. only the best is employed
    b. employers think twice about hiring a foreigner
  12. jasmina

    jasmina Expert

    It all depends on what kind of field you want to work in, and what kind of education you have. In some higher level jobs it's not so hard to find something, especially in the big cities. For some functions, organizations are looking for people on foreign job websites! Kusadasi is very tourist industry oriented, so it's hard to find anything there though.

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