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fun game

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by kusadasigirl69, Jan 22, 2005.

  1. fun game ! Get your thinking caps on!

    My Turkish boyfreind is.....

    then add the name of a song (with the artist in brackets afterwards).
    e.g my turkish boyfriend is 'simply the best '(tina turner) :p
  2. Shannon

    Shannon Addict


    I cant think of a single thing lol....im trying but i cant think of any songs...oh dear Allah, i thought of one but it's just tooooo cheesy to put in here. God im just cringing at the thought of it hehehe :oops:
  3. lol! put it up!!!!!i fancy a giggle!!!ok il do mine 1st n its cheesy!!!

    my turkish boyfriend is...always on my mind(elvis)

    come on it cant be cheesier than that!!lol!!!im so stupid!!
  4. Shannon

    Shannon Addict

    Okay, my Turkish Boyfriend is "my fire, my one desire" (Backstreet Boys "I want it that way"

  5. LOL LOL LOL!!!!! Here iv got a worse one

    my turkish boyfriend is... the wind beneath my wings!!!!lol!!
  6. Shannon

    Shannon Addict

    HA HA HA That is bad...if anyone could see this...oh wait they can lol. HMMMMM lets see im trying to think of another one
  7. Shannon

    Shannon Addict

    Oh i have a really cheesy one, my turkish boyfriend "makes me feel like a Natural Woman" lo i think thats Aretha Franklin :doh:
  9. My Turkish Boyfriend Is...my First, My Last My Everything!!!!!! Dont Know Who Is By!!!teeheeheehee!!!!!

    Come On Other Ppls Post Sum Its Making Me Giggle!!
  10. Shannon

    Shannon Addict

    I have one for a Sarah....." Oh dear God if your Turkish boyfriend could see what you are writing right now"!!!!
    LOL and mine for that matter :doh:
  11. Shannon

    Shannon Addict

    My Turkish Boyfriend is "the air that i breath"...i cant believe im going to say this but its....BOYZONE Ha ha ha ha :D :oops:
  12. Mella

    Mella Administrator Staff Member

    (Lol@Shannon haha..i used to LOVE boyzone and was madly inlove with Stephan)


    *My Turkish boyfriend is... ''Dirrty'' (Christina)


    *My Turkish boyfriend is...''Easy'' (Lionel Richie)

    Har Har..no wonder he is now my ex :p
  13. Judy

    Judy Fan

    have to say he sounds interesting

    dirty and easy!!! lol

  14. Shannon

    Shannon Addict

    Easy lol, thats appropriate ha ha :) I know i used to love Ronan madly

    No i cringe when i think of him :doh:
  15. my turkish boyfriend is a sex bomb (tom jones)lol!!!!
  16. Mella

    Mella Administrator Staff Member

    My Turkish Boyfriend is... ''Getting Jiggy With It'' (Will Smith) :p
  17. lol good one carmella!!! my turkish boyfrend is my boy lollipop!!!!hehe!!
  18. Croushy

    Croushy Fan

    My turkish boyfriend is : "like glue" (Sean Paul)
    ha ha!
  19. Bilge

    Bilge Fan

    Mine is "Hey Big Spender"....needless to say..
  20. Croushy

    Croushy Fan

    My turkish bf is "toxic" (Britney Spears)

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