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dreaming of paradise!!

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by kusadasigirl69, Jan 7, 2005.

  1. the things i miss most about kusadasi:
    1.sun of course
    2. sex on the beach cocktails!!!mmmmmmmm!!
    3. those lovely hunky turkish men!!
    4. hearing the kiss kiss song!!
    5. not being able to remember the night b4
    6. drinking apple tea with people in shops
    7. getting hassled!annoying at the time but is fun when u think about it!!
    8. getting on those horrible little buses!!
    9. going out dressed in hardly nothing
    10. and top of my list is my boy!!ahhhhh!!!
  2. Umit

    Umit Veteran Staff Member

    1- sun, sea, nature
    2- nice girls
    3- nights
    4- cruises
    5- new songs, entertainment at beach bars
    6- sunset views
  3. i miss the kebabs!!!!
  4. the things i hate most about coming home!!!!

    1. the weather
    2. having to put away my string bikinis till next year!!
    3. the lack of talent at home!!
    4. the prices of things!!
    5. the airport at bodrum arggghh!!!hate it!!!
    6. people saying !u havent got much of a tan did u stay indoors!!
    7. annoying people saying oh we had lovely weather here whenr eally it pissed it down n there just jealous uv been somewhere hot!!
    9. not knowing whats going on in all the soaps!!!
    10. not being able to haggle in topshop!!!
  5. Mella

    Mella Administrator Staff Member


    When i came back to England - it was soo wierd not having to haggle in shops, i found it really annoying whilst i was in Kus...but when i got back i was like daym i wanna haggle!!!
  6. ciara

    ciara Explorer

    Yeah Its Like Gimme 20% Off... Go On My Friend Will Buy One 2.... Ive No Monet Left... Then They Call Security.....
  7. Mella

    Mella Administrator Staff Member

    Ha ha yeah... i wont be making that same mistake again!!
  8. laurz

    laurz Fan

    i will not be hard to miss either ill be the one in bar street dayin on the tables in paradise will me tag on sayin laura on one side and hunny on the other u might see me so if u do plz come over and dont hesitate to ask either
  9. bEaCh BoY

    bEaCh BoY Fan

    Summer is close!! Hope we all meet in KUSA!! Can't wait!
  10. maya

    maya Explorer

    Hello there!
    Kusadasi is really great place! Paradise! I was there two years ago and I still miss everything..... :(
  11. dani07j

    dani07j Explorer

    i miss-
    *the 'good evening bitches' tshirts
    *turks saying sista from anuva mr and bruva from anuva muva
    *the funky dances to kiss kiss, hey baby, the cheesy turkish pipe song, the pump it na nana song, and of course the cha cha slide. CHEESE i know.
    *sex on the beach (the cocktails of course)
    *our numerous amount of fish bowls
    *the sun
    *the pool
    *the man who used to serve by the pool
    *my turkish baths by hunks in towels
    *aloha bar
    *x bar
    *yes baby
    *tony, cem, shakquill, jnr jnr, farrat, ayhan, tekkin, marmet, virgin, rock dj, goofy dj, new guy, the scots, and all the other guys we meet over there....
    *livin life like a vampire, sleepin durin the day and comin alive at night, all night long!!!!!
    *those huge cushions.
    *i want to be a fish in ur dish comments
    *bein harrassed (to a certain extent)
    *and everythin else bout turkey.... like the little eyes bein anywhere and everywhere u went.....

    I LOVE IT.......
  12. gazcraib

    gazcraib Emperor

    Apart from that, what is there??!
  13. kusadasi-babe

    kusadasi-babe Saray Princess

    Missing it all


    After all those years, I miss:
    - Our hotel
    - The Saray Restaurant
    - The Saray waiters
    - The sunshine
    - The swimming pool
    - Bar Street
    - Kiss kiss and na nana na na songs!
    - Free T-shirts
    - Dolmus'
    - Turkish boys shouting at you
    - Turkish boys who think they have a chance of winning your heart
    - Being able to haggle
    - Bargains
    - 1 million shops
    - The romantic sunset
    - Beaches
    - Cheap prices
    - The confusing lira
    - Hassling

    And of course thwe most important thing I miss:
    - Not being at turkey

    Cannot wait for next year!

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