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Diamond Inn, Turkad or Prestige Kurdoglu?

Discussion in 'Hotel Reviews and Questions' started by bidzina, Jul 19, 2004.

  1. bidzina

    bidzina Explorer


    I'm going to Kusadasi in few days and wanted to ask if anybody has stayed in any of these hotels? any recommendations? are they good?

  2. bidzina

    bidzina Explorer

    What about Park Pension? has anybody stayed there?
  3. **claire**

    **claire** Super Moderator

    Hi Bidzina,
    i stayed at the Turkad 2 weeks ago.
    the best things about the hotel is the pool & the view you will get from the balcony of your room.
    the rest of the hotel is pretty basic, the rooms are small. most of the rooms are to sleep 3 people, you will have 2 twin beds & a sofabed. there is a fridge & air conditioning in every room, but you do have to pay extra for this.
    the rooms are cleaned every other day, as well as the sheets & towels changed.
    the staff are very friendly & the location is excellent.

    hope this has helped
    claire 8)
  4. bidzina

    bidzina Explorer

    Thanks Claire :)

    That's helpful. How much was a double room? or a single?
    Do you know of any link with Turkad hotel pictures?

    Just in casi if you know: is Diamond Inn too far to walk from Ladies Beach?

    Thanks again
    bidzina :)
  5. bidzina

    bidzina Explorer

    Is there a car parking place at Turkad?

    Sorry for so many questions :oops:)
  6. Umit

    Umit Veteran Staff Member

    I had stayed at Prestige Kurdoglu and was perfect. They have very beautiful Kusadasi and sunset panorama. Their garden is perfectly natural and pool is very big. If you are coming to Kusadasi with your car i recommend this hotel.

    But if u wont come here without your car, i recommend Turkad. And, Turkad has private parking place.
  7. bidzina

    bidzina Explorer

    How good is Kurdoglu's ALL INCLUSIVE? Do they have good food? Or is it better to get their Half Board and eat outside?
  8. **claire**

    **claire** Super Moderator

    There is parking at the Turkad, but it is very limited!! only a few spaces.
    im not sure what the rates are as i booked it as a package (inc flights)

    as far as the food, i don't think i would ever go all inclusive as there are so many nice restuarants in kusadasi, all reasonably priced!!
  9. bidzina

    bidzina Explorer

    Thanks Claire for the tips :)
  10. Hera

    Hera Explorer

    i'll stay in kurdoglu next week
    how for in the mai beach, ladies beach and the national park?
    how much cost to get there (beaches i mean)?
  11. Umit

    Umit Veteran Staff Member

    Prestige Kurdoglu is very nice choice, i stayed there 2 years ago for 4 months and was perfect. You should use DOLMUS to get these places and cost is very low - just 2-3 EUROS per person (depart-arrive).
  12. Hera

    Hera Explorer

    thks very much
    i'll try to see a lot of sites, by foot i prefer cuz i'm a mountaneer 8)
  13. Nicol

    Nicol Explorer

    With what should i start...
    I've been to Turkad hotel in august 2006 and i loved it.I've had the best holiday ever, it was my second time in Turkye and first time in Kusadasi.Everything was absolutly great from the food to the managemant,very clean ,large room. air was ok...we've had the most wonderfoul time.We were so charmed by this hotel we've decided to go back in 2007 with some friends.I stroggled to find rooms to this hotel because we like it so much. When we arrived we had the biggest disapointmant ever.Everything was changed.The room was the same but in 12 days nobody changes the lengerie,the towels or make clean. Just toilet paper and that's it.We had to ask to come clean the room. The food was horible, bad and verry litle, they didn't cover it and there were flies all over it..We eat every day on the hotel terase....because the hotel restaurant " was just for special events and not for the hotel guests..????" this what they sad to us....ofcourse was empty every day, nobody came to eat there...in 2006 wasn't like that, we had breakfast on terase and dinner in the restaurant.When we booked the hotel the agency told us we had water included ,like in 2006,even the turkish agency told us the same thing,but surprise..NO WATER...at least at dinner.You are not alowed to come in the hotel with water or food, ok but water was very expensive at the hotel and they had only at 0.5l. In the middle of night we don't have where to get water, was nobody at the reception...the water from the sink wasn't good to drink ,and when outside it's 40 degrees C , you need a lot of water.We asked to talk to the manager and 'his son' came to talk to us.He said something that i think i'll never forget it'We can't afford to give water to the guests for free because we dont'have enough money!!!!!!!'We called the agency(Alsero Agency) and turkish manager came to talk to us...Nothing was changes except in the morning they put some plastic over the food...In one morning they run out of butter, i asked for it and they bring 3 small pieces just for me because i yelled at them.For rest of the guest no...just bred and gem.....The coffee was just water with a little color, yellow, and trust me i don't drink strong coffee but that wasn' coffee, i think they put 2 spoones of coffe to 5 l of water,and that happen't a few days...not just once.The boiled eggs that we had every morning was the same from the last day and just heat it....and many, many other problems.The joy that was at first to have another nice vacation had gone from the first day...they ruined our vacantion and our friends who we conviced that we'll have a wonderfoul time.It was a nightmare.So trust me, i'm not a fussy eater, DO NOT GO TO TURKAD.

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