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Cankaya Hotel

Discussion in 'Hotel Reviews and Questions' started by kate, Nov 5, 2004.

  1. kate

    kate Fan

    i dont know if i have spelt this right but has anyone stayed in the cankaya hotel, just up from the crematorium?
  2. dave the brave

    dave the brave Explorer

    hi kate can u tell me if u stayed at the hotel cankaya as we are going in august if so what was it like :cool:
  3. lofty

    lofty Fan

    hey dave, yepah we both stayed there and it is a really nice hotel, the staff are friendly and polite, its a really short walk to bar street (take the turning on the left just opposite the garage into the back streets and follow the right fork all the way round, u'll come out just by bar street) and its a lovely location because you're right between the centrum and ladies beach. It has a swimming pool, turkish bath, sauna, they serve food and theres a bar, pool tables, table football and tabletennis downstairs and tv's in each room. Airconditioning is included in the price of the room and you dont have to pay extra for it, also they have a laundrette service which is 1 million (or the equivilant) per item.
    One downfall is it is up a steep hill which is crap in heels, but im guessing you wont have that problem!!!! Lol
    My advice is to stay there, i thoroughly enjoyed my stay!!! Probably my favourite of the hotels ive stayed in in turkey!
    Hope this helps!!!
  4. kate

    kate Fan

    hiya dave, well i think lofty pretty much sumed it up for ya! its a really nice place and if u come in drunk and starving they might even phone u a pizza which is lush!
    wow i cant even remember why i started this thread, im sure there must have been some point to it, hmmm? never mind! hope you have a great time and take note of loft's short cut directions it really is a helpful thing to know!
  5. Hi only just seen this one. We stayed there early May, the hotel was a bit on the quiet side but thats the only complaint(?) we could make. Rooms, staff etc :cool: etc all A1. Would recommend. If you stay there, please say Hello to Alan from his neighbours, he'll know who you mean, and tell him we'll see him in September
  6. lofty

    lofty Fan

    heheheh, alan, lol we stayed there for about a week nd a half and i still think he thinks we're lesbians lol hehehehehe funny man!
  7. singsong

    singsong Fan

    cankaya hotel is great, but watch out for alan his son has a birthday every two weeks when new set of holidaymakers arrive lol
  8. loek

    loek Explorer

    I'm going to Cankaya hotel in sept. oct. (15 days) does anyone know how the weather is that time of the year? And other info, like: are all the barrs and shops still open.
  9. Umit

    Umit Veteran Staff Member

  10. tracey

    tracey Explorer

    hotel cankaya

    What can I say, I loved everything about this hotel, especially Alan. He's great and very helpful. As Lofty says, the hotel seems to have everything you need.
    If you are going out to a restaurant ask if they'll do a free pick up and take home service as most restaurants will do this for you, so no need to worry about the steep hill nearby!
    We stayed at Cankaya twice now and will go back to the same hotel hopefully next year again.
    Tracey, Bev and girls from Oldham,UK
    :) :D :) :D :)
  11. gill26

    gill26 Fan

    I agree with Tracey, Alan is very helpful and endeavours to get to know the names of all the guests staying there, but do be warned, HE does the Turkish massage - it was quite a surprise I can tell you! - also it wasn't much cop! He does seem to have a number of birthdays and has links with Freddys leather, the Marina Chinese restaurant and Casablanca. He will pester you to go there but a polite 'no' won't do you any harm. I was there with my daughter for a week at end May/beginning June this year and for 2 weeks in August.
    The hill isn't too bad, it's 5 mins walk from Bar Street which is a plus or just 5YTL in a taxi.
    Room wise, they're very clean and of a decent standard although some balconies are on the small side. Those facing the pool do get a lot of noise from the road though in the ealy hours of the morning.
    The breakfast really is 2* standard and great if you like boiled eggs!!! Take your own cereal - as we did - for the children as there is only bread as an alternative.
    The pool area is quite small but the pool is of an average size although not big enough for inflatables or messing about in.
    The hotel is ideally situated for the Centrum, BulBul retaurant, Ladies Beach etc.
    We would definitely go there again next year as the hotel is good value for money and you hardly need to bother with taxis.
    For those who can't stay away from the Internet, there's an internet cafe across the road and another down the hill near the Holiday Inn restaurant!:p
  12. marky mark

    marky mark Expert

    Anyone stayed at the Cankaya in 2006?

    Is it still a nice place?
    Will be staying there for two weeks in September and was just wondering if anything's changed.
    Glad to hear it's not far from the Bulbul restaurant as I really want to try that place out!
  13. bejay

    bejay Explorer


    yes stayed thier to as gill26 said be carefull with nicey nice mr Alan hes only out for one thing commision and he does get it fro freddies and the chineese and quite a few other places if he recommends it keep away
  14. fiandjon

    fiandjon Fan

    please could you post some photos of the cankaya hotell, in kus, for eg, the pool and rooms, and has anyone else stayed here season 2006
  15. puwer98

    puwer98 Altinkum's Ambassador

    But is so good for information, true he would send you to various places, and he gets a commision, if you buy, but you are going to buy something anyway. he works 12 hours a day 7 days a week, and is a very nice man.

    I stayed at the Cankaya in December £8 a night BB

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