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Buying laptops in Turkey.

Discussion in 'Expat Forum' started by Jenny, Dec 12, 2007.

  1. Jenny

    Jenny Fan

    Can anyone tell me where i can buy a laptop in Kusadasi with an English Keyboard? If they are available, how much do they cost?

    Or would it be better to buy one in Ireland and bring it over?

    We have an internet connection and a pc in the house, maybe i could just buy an English keyboard?? And then get a computer expert to set up windows vista onto the pc.

    What do you guys think?

  2. vidigav

    vidigav Expert

    Having seen the cost of laptops in Turkey your best bet is to buy one in Ireland and bring it over.
  3. Mella

    Mella Administrator Staff Member

    I bought my laptop in Holland, although it was a wee while ago now. I wanted to buy a new one in Turkey, and found the prices for the one I wanted were a lot more expensive here in Turkey, than back home so I would definitely get it in Ireland.

    The only problem that could occur is..you buy a laptop in Ireland, and it breaks...you won't be able to take it back to the shop.

    The most annoying thing EVER is that most computer shops (TechnoSA, etc) have all their prices in Dollars!!! It makes it hard to convert it into lira then into euro to see if it's a good deal etc.

    The best computer shop in Izmir, hell I'd say even Turkey is Vatan. It's very popular and sells EVERYTHING you could need for computers. I was in there a few days ago and the choices of laptops are very good & if you pay cash they take money off.

    Website: Vatan

    But if you already have a PC, the cheaper option would just be to buy an English keyboard and set that up, Windows XP/Vista are not difficult to install. :)
  4. Umit

    Umit Veteran Staff Member

    Vatan is best for sure ;)

    Buying a laptop or lcd monitor is a hassle because of dead pixel thingy. But, it is no problem in vatan bilgisayar, you can change your gadget within 15 days.
  5. Peted1

    Peted1 Kusadasi Artist

    And if you buy a USB English keyboard, problem solved.
  6. Anniebubble

    Anniebubble Ladies Beach's First Lady

    I brought my laptop in Izmir 3 years ago I have no problem with using keyboard everything in English just a few things in different places soon work it out.
    They are much more expensive here.I paid aprox 1400 Lira($999 at the time) , but I think they are cheaper now.
    Carmella is right it was in Dollars so prices will depend of how $ is to the Turkish Lira.I got discount and some free bits....I asked.
  7. Jenny

    Jenny Fan

    Thanks for the info, i already have the vista programmes that my family brought over for me, all i need is someone in Kusadasi to install them. I will see about English Keyboards in Kusadasi when im over, its definately the cheapest option.

    However Tesco are selling laptops for around 500 euro's which is great value.
  8. Mavi

    Mavi Glaswegian Güzeli

    how bizarre, I have been out shopping for a new laptop today and yesterday.

    First off they are cheaper at home, and at least you can converse at home on which is more suitable.

    I bought this new one, an Acer model from Kipa today, 1500 YTL, with vista etc and a camera built in, it was to replace the one that the repair shop lost...

    I love the acer machines, they are so easy to use, and have good software.

    This one has a turkish keyboard which is a problem for me as I touch type, but I have set it up very easily from when I switched it on, the questions appeared easy form for me to do..

    So though it has turkish keyboard, for most of it I dont need look where the keys are, and I have installed it to work in uk english, so the other keys are irrelevant.

    The benefit I now have is that I can use the turkish keys as and when I need them, and it will be be ideal for any turkish business my husband has to use it for or my kids for school.

    You dont really need to go to someone technical to install your own software, just put in the disc and let it do automatically then you only need click a few times if it asks questions.
  9. Rexa

    Rexa Addict


    Maybe you could try to buy through Ebay. I bought a new laptop on Ebay from the Packard Bell shop for about 50% of the price. Garantie 1 year. You should check what it cost to send it to Turkey.

  10. Jenny

    Jenny Fan

    Hi Rexa, i think because i'm not very computer literate that i would need to buy a new one with a guarantee!

    I have a computer in Turkey and i get by on it, but the Turkish keyboard drives me nuts, because i can type quite quickly but the "I" is in a different place and it slows me down.

    So for this reason i want my own laptop for personal stuff, the best offer i've seen so far was with pc world for €499, and you can get them in pink.
  11. babypud

    babypud Addict

    İt's only the i thats out of place and you soon get used to it.
  12. puwer98

    puwer98 Altinkum's Ambassador

    I brought mine from uk, but you can just plug in an english keyboard
  13. laptop

    Hi been to bim 2day and they have a vista laptop coming out next week sorry cant remember the date for 750 ytl which i think is a good price
  14. Jenny

    Jenny Fan

    Thanks Luke thats a great price, but we have a turkish laptop aswell as a turkish pc, either i'll get a new English Keyboard and get the computer updated in an English version of vistas. I don't want any Turkish on it at all.

    Hey Babypud i use "I" all the time when i'm typing, so it drives me nuts when it's in the wrong place. The better half is turkish so it's alright for him!

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