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buses to bodrum

Discussion in 'Travel Talk' started by tinkerbink, Jan 25, 2005.

  1. tinkerbink

    tinkerbink Explorer

    hi,can anyone tell me if you can get a bus from izmir to bodrum or from kusadasi to bodrum?been to kusadasi twice so want to wander further afield :D
  2. U can get a bus from Izmir to Bodrum that wont be a problem ;) Not to sure on Kusadasi to Bodrum but i think u can :confused:
  3. tinkerbink

    tinkerbink Explorer

    excellent,thanks! :)
  4. tracy

    tracy Fan

    Hi, I have a friend who lives in turgetries which is just outside Bodrum,and she once came to see me in Kusadasi by bus..so yes you can get there! It did take several hours though and I do recall her saying it was a bumpy ride!

    Tracy x
  5. Croushy

    Croushy Fan

    Next year ill try this bus (becos my drivin license is soooooo far away), hope i wont take more than 4 hours lol!
  6. I think it wont take more then 3hours. At least when u take the bus from Bodrum airport til Kus, it takes around 2-2,5hours. But when u take a normal bus it will take a little more bcause it it stopping on some places along the road to pick up passengers, or set them off.
  7. Croushy

    Croushy Fan

    Yeah, like when i came from Kusadasi to Denizli. It stopped at Soke, Aydin... And it took 5 hours!!!!

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