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Blueberry & Blogs

Discussion in 'Introduce yourself' started by Umit, Oct 8, 2004.

  1. Umit

    Umit Veteran Staff Member

    Nowadays i am too busy with this website. I am integrating a BLOG application and now you have a chance to see our new excitement. Also, you will see the new design patterns of the upcoming design of Kusadasi.BiZ.

    I was workin on the website and i recieved a PM from Blueberry few minutes ago - she just tell me that she sent a photo of her.

    So, it's perfect to see our new excitement and a really exciting girl from Trinidad and Tobago. I have uploaded her photo to the our BLOG and also i put some useful informations and pix about her country.

    So lets discover her and our new excitements, BLOGS.

    Just click here or click the button above named "BLOGS".


  2. Sootjuh

    Sootjuh Fan

    Looks great!
    Question, you need to fill out your e-mail adress. Will this be visible for all visitors and also pop up in a google search on that adress?

    If that's the case maybe you should make it hidden to avoid spam flooding peoples mailboxes, or can you fill out a bogus e-mail adress?
  3. Mella

    Mella Administrator Staff Member

    It's great Blue.
    It's Interesting. It's To the point & It's Filled with Facts.
    Good Job!

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