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Beware Of Kusadasi Jeweller

Discussion in 'Travel Talk' started by diamond rain, Jan 24, 2012.

  1. diamond rain

    diamond rain Explorer

    September , 2011 when our cruise ship stopped in the port of Kusadasi, Turkey I wanted to purchase a men’s 14ct gold bracelet. My wife and I decided to go from jewelry store to store in order to see what men’s bracelets were available and to compare prices.
    As we went from store, one bracelet followed me because they knew I liked it so much. I asked how can you sell me a bracelet from another store? Mehmet Ozipek told me that all the stores were like family. It was as if we were buying his Uncle’s bracelet from him. I purchased the bracelet in the Kuyumcu-Yasemi Uner store from Mehmet Ozipek.
    The Merchant then brought out a 2.1ct diamond ring, which I purchased. He also gave me Diamond Rain International Guarantee Certificate and if you had any problems with the Merchant you could go to the Kusadasi Chamber of Commerce (KUTO). The guaranty didn’t mean a thing and was useless. The Kusadasi Chamber of Commerce was no help.
    When I returned home to the United States, I brought the ring to a jeweler to have it sized to fit my wife’s finger. The jeweler tested the ring on a diamond tester and told me it was not a diamond; but a Moissanite stone.
    When I complained to the Merchant about the diamond not being genuine, he finally told me he would come to Chicago and exchange the stone. But, he never came. Mehmet Ozipek asked for GIA certification, which he should have had and given to me when I purchased the ring. The certification would cost me $500 because I would have to pay to ship and insure it because it is 900 miles away. Why did he insist that I provide him with a GIA certification when he didn’t provide one to me when I asked for it? Double standards!
    I mailed Mehmet Ozipek and the Kusadasi Chamber of Commerce a letter from a local jeweler stating that the stones were Moissanite because he tested the stones with diamond and Moissanite approved testers. I also brought the ring to other jewelers who tested the stones with their diamond and Moissanite testers and found the stones to be Moissanite and not genuine diamonds. It would cost me $200 to ship and insure the ring to return it to the merchant, Kuyumcu-Yasemi Uner, in Kusadasi Turkey. And, Mehmet Ozipek told me he would not pay the $2,000 for duty and taxes when he received the ring, which is the requirement of the company delivering the ring.

    Also, in an e-mail the merchant told me if I returned the ring to him it would be stolen. So, I would be out $500 to get the GIA certification, $200 to ship and return the ring to Kusadasi, Turkey, and $2,000 for duty and taxes = $2,700, plus the $6,100 I paid for the ring.

    Asking for all these requirements was Mehmet Ozipek’s and the Kusadasi Chamber of Commerce’s way of making it a very costly risk to return the ring – and not worth it.
    Also, do not trust MasterCard or VISA because they are no help with purchases which are done out of your country. They are concerned more about the merchant than the consumer.
    TEL: +90 256 614 70 80
    MERCHANT NO: 0907439
  2. Fleur

    Fleur Connoisseur

    I am so sorry that this has happened to you and surprised that Kuto are not helping.
    I suggest you write to someone in the Turkish government, because this sort of thing gives Turkey a very bad name and not all jewellers are dishonest.
  3. karinbea

    karinbea Connoisseur

    Well, you've certainly learned a lesson!
    Cheap diamonds don't exist and since you only paid 6.100 $ for a 2.1 carat ring which should be priced at 15 000 to 30 000 $ your purchase would be too good a bargain to be true!
    Diamonds can be of the same size (carats) but their value can differ greatly due to the other 3 Cs (cut, clarity, color)!
    When buying diamonds you should know the international certificates...
    your "Diamond Rain International Guarantee Certificate" does not show when googled!

    Good Luck with trying to get your money back, hope you're lucky this time!;)
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  4. Margaret Glenn

    Margaret Glenn Connoisseur

    So sorry this happened to you. Hopefully someone will be able to help you resolve this.
  5. lightenup

    lightenup Connoisseur

    Agree with Karen, no way can you buy a genuine solitaire diamond ring for this money, the price of diamonds have risen about 30% in the past year. Unfortunately people like this give the good jewellers a bad name. I wish you well in trying to get your money back.
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  6. diamond rain

    diamond rain Explorer

    well i did before ,on a alaska cruise a 2 carat mens ring from diamond international $6000
  7. Sorry to hear this. Where is this store so we are all aware of them
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