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Beach diet

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by **claire**, Jun 8, 2004.

  1. **claire**

    **claire** Super Moderator

    Good Morning
    The Beach Diet on the weight loss tips, is a favorite of mine!! This diet is pretty easy to stick to, just having to cut out the carbohydarates is the hard part!!

    during the first phase of the diet (first 2 week detox) you should loose between 8 and 12 lbs (if you don't cheat) and the majority of this weight will come from the stomach area.

    after the first 2 weeks when you start to reintroduce the good carbohydrates into your diet, the weight loss will slow down to around 2-3lbs a week.

    The main aim of the South Beach diet is to change to way that you think about food, change the way that you prepare your food and have more control over what you eat. it is not a short term diet, it is supposed to a new way of life. (although i have used it as a quick boost for loosing a few pounds beofer my holidays!!)

    If you plan to start this diet, i would strongly recommend that you purchase the south beach diet book (this will become your bible) it explains all the phases of the diet in great detail & explains why you need to do the 2 week detox. it also contains many recipes to help you eat less carbohydrates.

  2. Umit

    Umit Veteran Staff Member


    A great post again from Claire.

    We are waiting your summaries from the book.
  3. British-Jo

    British-Jo Not Active Member

    no need for me having to diet .. i am proud of my sexy body as a mum of 6 .. i dont look like i have had 6 at all .. but joanne is my first born .. then sarah 15 , danni 13 , anthony 12 and 10 year old twins kevin and kimberley ( soon be 11 in couple days) ... believe it or not i didnt ever know i was excepting again as when joanne was little she said mum you having a baby .. i knew nothing till i went to drs then came back and told joanne then joanne said you having twins .. but before i had a scan she was right also she was right abt having me having boy and girl twins cos i didnt want know till they born ... after 1 hour 39 mins labour ... joanne has special powers lol .. cos theres alot she got right , as i never forgot the day she came down crying and said her grandma is dead .. but i told her grandma isnt dead and shes fine BUt 2 weeks later my mum died suddenly and joanne was right ..
    now i believe joanne what she says and shes a very smashing daughter and shes my best friend so i want to say joanne that i always have loved you from the moment you were born .. i know i embasse you because im am a nice friendly girl who likes to help others also im deaf also i love having fun ...Im drop dead gorgeous, witty, loveable, very sexy, adorable, cute ..and i feel young round you and i know you pref me like your friends mums who are older than me but you shld be proud that i am young and its good to trust one other .. so i also want say thank you for everything also im there for you too as i know how hard it is for being a deaf mum but you know we have no problems talking normal as i do get mistaken for being hearing .. so keep smiling my darling
  4. Mella

    Mella Administrator Staff Member

    Lol and heres me thinking this was about diets :p

    great speech.
  5. Eline

    Eline Addict

    Made that mistake to !! :confused:
  6. Mella

    Mella Administrator Staff Member

    Lol El, we have walked into a mother and daughter bonding session :)
  7. Eline

    Eline Addict

    Oeps watch out then, before I now it I have to invite my mother here to !! :p

    Only joking Joanna and Jo, great you can do this together. Not everyone "can"do that !
  8. Mella

    Mella Administrator Staff Member

    My mum reads this, but i refuse to let her join in.

  9. my mum does that too but she just being nosey or she trys to go on my user profile!!!mothers drive u mad eventually x
  10. British-Jo

    British-Jo Not Active Member

    awwww u poor dears !!!

    i dont mind what joanne does on here as theres times she comes to fetch me and let me look but times i cant be bothered but we both pref one others private .. if joanne askes me to look then i will but i wont stick my nose in .. joanne tells me anything and i feel more like a big sister than a mum ... in 2 years time she be 18 and i be 36 ... i feel proud to be her mum ..
  11. British-Jo

    British-Jo Not Active Member

    hi claire ....
    I couldnt help noticing that your location says you from Cambrigde .. well me and joanne live up here in lancs and this year we wld be moving to peterborough so i thought it wld be nice if anyone who lives there could meet up and probably talk abt turkey etc ... we moving there to be with my new man whos in the RAF .... i also like know what colleges or universityies near there for joanne cos she be leaving in may ..so i like look up and help her ... thank you jo ..

    ps i like know more abt your town night life , etc
  12. **claire**

    **claire** Super Moderator

    Jo ... Just sent you a PM!!! :)
  13. Eline

    Eline Addict

  14. Mella

    Mella Administrator Staff Member

    Mine too. She's not like my mum, more like a mate (that nags occasionally) She also happens to be a MILF (apparently) hahaha
  15. Gr8 speech jo......
  16. Jenny

    Jenny Fan

    I know this is suppose to be about diets but i have to say Jo your a cool mum, and its really great that you have such a close relationship with eachother, and its a bonus you being young! My mum and i are very close, and i tell her everything nothing seems to shock her, and she's always up for a laugh.

    By the way Claire are you endorsing this diet babe, the minute i hear the word detox im gone!!!

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