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As From 1/1/13 Blank Full Page Required For Entry Visa

Discussion in 'Travel Talk' started by kay, Nov 1, 2012.

  1. kay

    kay Kusadasi Kiwi

    I've just spotted this change on the FCO site and verified it. The last paragraph is the amendment to the requirements - the rest the usual stuff.
    Entry Requirements - Passport validity & space for visa stamp

    You must hold a valid passport to enter Turkey. Your passport must be valid for a minimum period of six months from the date of entry into Turkey and have at least three months validity from the date you are exiting Turkey.

    You should ensure that your British passport has a blank page for a visa stamp. If it does not, the Turkish Authorities will issue a one-off “Entry-Exit form” and put your entry-exit stamp on there. You should carry this form with you in Turkey and present it to the border officers, when you leave Turkey.

    After 31 December 2012 all foreign (including British) passport holders will be refused entry to Turkey if their passport does not have a blank page for the entry visa and entry/exit stamps
  2. miketu

    miketu Addict

    Do you think this will apply to UK passport holders who have Turkish resident permits ?
  3. Hooperman

    Hooperman Connoisseur

    Its crazy, 3 months valid AFTER you leave, whats that all about..!!
  4. miketu

    miketu Addict

    Seems crazy I am in and out several times a year and it will apply to trips
    to the Greek Islands as well. Mine expires 2017 and only have 10 blank pages left. Maybe we can stick some in !!!
  5. miketu

    miketu Addict

    I have emld the UK Passport office as I seem to remember when I renewed the other year you could opt for a passport with more pages for an extra charge.
  6. Sash

    Sash Expert

    So if you dont have a blank page you cant come into the country!!!! who thought up this latest rule, so if you go 3 times a year it will soon be filled up, also if you go for say 6 months and your passport expires in 8 months what happens when you go to leave and you only have 2 months left.....cant you leave because you do not have the relevent 3 months!!!....oh god I have confused myself now!!
  7. soh

    soh Expert

    we visited 3 times this year,only had 1 visa stamp which was then stamped in/out for each visit-so only a max of 2 stamps/pages required per 360 days for multiple entries

    KASTAMONU Connoisseur

    Roll on Citizenship next year (if indeed eligibility is after 3 yrs marriage to a Turk) - maybe then it is possible to leave/enter using only the Kimlik - possibly not tho'......need to improve my Turkish first & no doubt other minefields ahead also, associated with that procedure.
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  9. peril

    peril Connoisseur

    Irish passport holders can buy a large passport with extra pages - at a price of course!
  10. deanlo

    deanlo Forum Legend

    Ive never heard anything so petty in all my life.Ive got a sneaky feeling its because the passport control have to look through lots of visa stamps and pages and it takes them a little bit of time.

  11. Anthony07

    Anthony07 Welsh Prince

    I agree its a pain in the ass, childish gimps who ever thought this one up.:mad:
  12. miketu

    miketu Addict

    Yes I have the same problem but had a mail from the UK office this morning telling me I can renew now and apply for an 48 page one and they are sending the relevent form to my UK address. which I shall do when I return in December.
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  13. miketu

    miketu Addict

    Yes I agree I have even been asked what date I left or returned to help them find it !
  14. dancing queen

    dancing queen Expert

    I usually have my passport open at the page with the last stamp on it....but they always seem to ignore that and still flick through the pages, so seemingly trying to help doesn't always help.
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  15. dee.A

    dee.A Addict

    Time to buy a bottle of Tippex !
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  16. miketu

    miketu Addict

    I always look but can never find it as they have all been stamped over the other ones so leave it to them !
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  17. kay

    kay Kusadasi Kiwi

    It's standard in many countries to allow for illness or emergencies. Most of the Middle East and India have similar clauses in their pre applied for visa conditions. They'll allow you to overrun your visa in those circumstances but if you don't have a current passport it creates a whole series of messy problems.
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  18. Summerfun2

    Summerfun2 Expert

    I just think they are trying to make our lives harder going and coming to this country
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  19. Christine

    Christine Expert

    On a positive note tho, it might speed up the arrival process.;)( Or am I being naive)
  20. john d

    john d Addict

    can this issue be brought to the attention of the british consul who visits the area all irish should make this issue known to the irish embassy and ask that it be brought up at the proper level

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