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Anyone going to the Tusan beach hotel?

Discussion in 'Travel Talk' started by lozlushlips, Jun 16, 2004.

  1. lozlushlips

    lozlushlips Explorer

    i would like to no is any1 is going to the tusan beach hotel between the 9th - 23rd of August this year. i am 16 and my mate is 15 and want to no if anyone our age will be there :D
    thanx and hope some1 replies soon
    :clap: xxx
  2. Umit

    Umit Veteran Staff Member

    welcome to Kusadasi forums,

    I am sure you will find nice friends but i would like to say that Tusan Beach Hotel is very nice hotel - you will love it. ;)
  3. lozlushlips

    lozlushlips Explorer

    thanx kusadasi-guy, if you find out any other infomation about the age groups in the hotel i will be more than welcome.
    thanx laura :lol:
  4. Sonny

    Sonny Fan

    heya .tusan beach hotel is a nice hotel but far from centrum that could be a problem for you ..but dont worry you can always find friends in kusadasi especially in bar street ...dont worry about that ..im also in kusadasi between 7 july and 25 agoust i cant wait ...kusadasi dreaming
  5. satcom2

    satcom2 Explorer

    going in two days will let you know when we come back what it is like. :wave:
  6. lozlushlips

    lozlushlips Explorer

    thanx satcom2 that will be a great help
    luv laura

    .... have a nice holiday.....
  7. I will also be in Kusadasi between those dates :)
  8. lozlushlips

    lozlushlips Explorer

    hey vivakusadasi! will you be at the Tusan Beach Hotel then at the same time as me? Whats your name and age if u dont mind me asking?
    looking forward to your reply

    luv laura ;)
  9. satcom2

    satcom2 Explorer

    Just got back from the Tusan beach resort
    Well we will start at all the good points first
    The rooms are excellent very clean and well set out and bed linen is changed every day, the hotel is very well set out and clean all staff are very polite and helpfull. the pool areas is excellent. the hotel is very safe
    with 24 hour security on patrol
    Beach very clean, sea safe to swim in.
    Disco from 11.00pm till 2.00am excellent for the younger ones.
    Now for the BAD side ( sorry about this but people should know )
    The food is appalling most of the time it was cold ( even if you went in when the restaurant opened and I never knew you could do so many things with meat balls.if you wont any english food forget it, chips are as near as you are going to get all the food is aimed at the foreign tourist
    I would say that if there was 1000 tourist at the Tusan 50 were english
    We ate out every day because of this and we are not fussy eaters
    Entertainment to be truthful is crap we went out every night because of this also.
    Activities during the day are few and far between.
    I would not recommend this hotel if you wont to have a good time
    but i will be happy to answer any more questions if any one wishers
    to know more about the Tusan
    Dave Satcom2
    :clap: :frown:
  10. lozlushlips

    lozlushlips Explorer

    hiya dave thanx for that note! sorry to hear about that you never had a good holiday. i am going on the 9th of auguts do u recommend it to 2 16yr olds?

    is the club there any good for our age and will we be able to get booze even if we are under age and all inclusive?

    thanx laura xxx :D
  11. satcom2

    satcom2 Explorer

    My son is 17 and he was able to get booze at the bar in the disco
    but make sure your parent get you an adult rist band.
    All the teens seem to have a good time at the disco "mine did" :wave:
  12. satcom2

    satcom2 Explorer

    Also when we were there lots and lots teens so you will meet lots of friends that i am sure

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