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Anyone goin to Kusadasi in august 2004?

Discussion in 'Hotel Reviews and Questions' started by lozlushlips, Jun 16, 2004.

  1. lozlushlips

    lozlushlips Explorer

    as no1 is replying to my other post, :cry: may some will to this one.
    are you stopping at the Tusan Beach hotel or one very close even next to it between the 9th and 23rd of august this year? i want to no to make friends before me and my mate actually come along to kusadasi then.
    thank you for ur time luv laura

    have a great holiday if you are going away :wave:
  2. bEaCh BoY

    bEaCh BoY Fan

    I will go on the 1st of Aug and stay for 2 weeks. I don't know where I am gonna stay yet..
  3. **claire**

    **claire** Super Moderator

    Hi!!! :cheesy:
    August is probably the busiest month of the year, you will meet lots of people of all ages!!

    Have fun!! 8)
  4. Sonny

    Sonny Fan

    I agree with you claire ...You dont need to worry about to have friends ;) you will have more and more than you accept ....
  5. lozlushlips

    lozlushlips Explorer


    thanx guyz
    i realy cant wait till i go away now, its only like 50 dayz till i go! do any ov u lot go on holiday this year?

    thanx agen 4 your infomation :clap:

    speak to ya soon laura xx :razz:
  6. arie

    arie Explorer

    how know something about hotel marbel in kusadasi i 'm there from 1 august till the 10
  7. Laura04

    Laura04 Explorer

    ive jus been 2 Ponz Villas if anyone's off there?!
  8. **claire**

    **claire** Super Moderator

    Hi Laura
    I stayed at the ponz Villas Last year, Nice little hotel!!
    we used to go to the daisy bar every day for a few drinks before we went out.
    Are you planning on going back??
    Claire 8)
  9. i stayed at ponz villas last year they were nice :cheesy: a stayed in the apartment right beside the pool 8) lol :wave:
  10. Hera

    Hera Explorer

    on the 16th august i'll be there
    kusadasi rulez
    i've never been but i'm sure it will be great
  11. awwww a really wanna go :( lol 1 word 4 kusadasi AMAZIN :clap:
  12. Laura04

    Laura04 Explorer

    hey!! yea we used 2 go there aswel! ooh good memories!!
    wel i really want 2 go back it rocks!! but i dont think my step dads keen :(
  13. Laura04

    Laura04 Explorer

    yea me 2 mine was no. 413
    it was my best holiday eva! r u plannin on goin back?
  14. aww a cant remember ma room number lol :lol: .wel am goin bak next year but am gonna stay in the town dont no where abouts thought :| :clap:
  15. Laura04

    Laura04 Explorer

    oh well hope ya have a great time
  16. :cheesy: thanks its a shame your not goin bak :( did u go to bar street when u were over?
  17. Laura04

    Laura04 Explorer

    yea but only once or twice, we mostly stayed around ladies beach
  18. awwww kool

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