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A Very Happy Women's Day To All The Lovely Ladies On The Site.

Discussion in 'Forum Questions and Announcements' started by Thomas45, Mar 8, 2017.

  1. Thomas45

    Thomas45 Expert

    Happy Women's Day to all the ladies on the site.

    Did you know that Ladies day was started by Lenin's comrades, two revolutionaries, Klara Tsetkin (a german marxist theorist & advocate for women's rights) & Rosa Luxemburg (as Klara but philosopher, economist and revolutionary socialist of Polish jewish descent)) ... Well i didn't know that until My Good Lady gave me a history lesson last evening. I wonder how many women in the West know why tomorrow they are celebrating this special day.? Ah those Soviet Marxist Women (almost Soviet ).

    So again a Happy Women's Day to you all all.
  2. Anniebubble

    Anniebubble Ladies Beach's First Lady

    Something I didn't know , I happy to celebrate this even more so now I know where it come from.
    I know a bit about Lenin always something new to learn.

    Thank you Thomas you have a good day as well.
  3. Thomas45

    Thomas45 Expert

    Anniebubble I am glad you enjoyed that, you are always full of information yourself and thank you for that. For an insight into the Soviet woman, if you have time i can highly recommend this wonderful short (25 minute) documentary/clip....it is excellent. I am married to a Russian lady for 23 years so I know all about their resolve.
    Sometimes I cringe inside when I see what propaganda the USA and Europe pour out, not every Russian is Mr P or an oligarch, 30 million soviets died fighting on the side of the allies in WW2, a fact often forgotten in today's crooked world of greed and politics.

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  4. sexyshirl

    sexyshirl Expert

    Wonderful little docu .. thanks Thomas and Happy Woman's day to all you lovely ladies
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  5. Anniebubble

    Anniebubble Ladies Beach's First Lady

    Very interesting ,my husband is very much into history and I came from a family who were very political .
    Thanks for sharing .
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